1. write plugins/parser for Ajaxtags
  2. howto implement/use Ajaxtags in other frameworks
    1. Struts
    2. JSP 2.0 / Servlets

Version 1.5


  1. users of this lib are now forced to write xhtml / fallback parser
  2. skip parsing wrong xhtml code! and throw JSPException DONE
  3. a bigger demo with more example to show and learn
  4. portlet changed no cookie is used now DONE (break JSR ???)


  1. use of prototype >=(v1.6.0.2) DONE
  2. use of scriptaculous >=(v1.8.1) DONE
  3. overlib >=(25.10.2008) DONE
  4. only CSS style-class in default css file DONE
  5. SourceLoader for images, Javascript and CSS DONE
  6. update old JavaScript things (e.g. parsers and controls) DONE
  7. update documentation to version 1.5
  8. wrapper for jericho-html parser.