Release History

1.6.0In Version-Control-System
1.3out of datethis was the starting base

Release 1.6.0 - In Version-Control-System

fixUpdate ...jenskapitza

Release 1.5.2 - 01.09.2010

updateMove VersionControl back to sf.netjenskapitza
updatefix and change some pom stuff (e.g. namespace)jenskapitza

Release 1.5.1 - 30.11.2009

addJavaScript Unit tests.victor-homyakov
addMore JUnit tests.victor-homyakov
updateAdded attributes 'preFunction', 'postFunction', 'errorFunction' to form submit tag.victor-homyakov

Release 1.5 - 15.09.2009

updateChange the GroupID and update the pom.xml file.jenskapitza
addXMLUtils methods updatedjenskapitza
fixXML-Ident problemjenskapitza
fixFixed bug with anchor titles in AjaxToggleTag.victor-homyakov
updateNew form submit tag.victor-homyakov
updateAdded 'var' and 'attachTo' attributes to tree tag.victor-homyakov
fixUpdate Documentationjenskapitza
fixAutocompleter popup div is inserted at the top of the DOM hierarchy to prevent overflow.victor-homyakov
fixAdded default attribute values to AjaxDisplayTag. AjaxDisplayTag with empty attributes will not rewrite links.victor-homyakov
fixFixed AjaxAreaTag.victor-homyakov
fixFixed AjaxJspTag.Toggle.victor-homyakov
fixFixed AjaxJspTag.Base#buildParameterString for checkbox and select-multiple input fields.victor-homyakov
fixTLD now validatejenskapitza
removeRemove Reflection usage and refactor to interfacejenskapitza
updateChanged Website, and documentationjenskapitza
fixPortlet autorefresh never stops. Now we do break execution if source is not in DOM treejenskapitza
removePortlet attribute withBar removed.jenskapitza
updateDepends on JSP-API 2.1 and Servlet-API 2.5, cause flush does not work with area styled tags.jenskapitza
updatewe moved to Mercurial.jenskapitza
addimport version 1.3.jenskapitza
removedrop support for java 1.4 and laterjenskapitza
removedrop jericho html. and use integrated xml parser. this force the user to write xhtmljenskapitza

Release 1.4 - BLACKLISTED

addthis version is blacklisted this version was used for testing javascript functions. this version was not compatible.jenskapitza

Release 1.3 - out of date

addThe old upstream version. No longer Supported.jenskapitza