Package net.sourceforge.ajaxtags.tags

Class Summary
AjaxAnchorsTag Rewrites HTML anchor tags (<A>), replacing the href attribute with an onclick event so that retrieved content is loaded inside a region on the page.
AjaxAreaTag Wraps any area on the page (with a DIV element) so that actions within that area refresh/load inside the defined DIV region rather than inside the whole browser window.
AjaxAutocompleteTag Tag handler for the autocomplete AJAX tag.
AjaxCalloutTag Tag handler for the callout AJAX tag.
AjaxDisplayTag Wraps a DisplayTag ( table, enabling AJAX capabilities.
AjaxEditorTag Wraps the scriptaculous' in-place editor (
AjaxFormFieldTag Tag handler for the form field AJAX tag.
AjaxHtmlContentTag Tag handler for the HTML Content AJAX tag.
AjaxPortletTag Tag handler for the portlet AJAX tag.
AjaxSelectTag Tag handler for the select AJAX tag.
AjaxSubmitTag Builds the JavaScript required to submit form and retrieve response via AJAX.
AjaxTabPageTag Tag handler for individual page within a AJAX tabbed panel.
AjaxTabPanelTag Tag handler for AJAX tabbed panel.
AjaxToggleTag Tag handler for the toggle (on/off, true/false) AJAX tag.
AjaxTreeTag Tag handler for the tree AJAX tag.
BaseAjaxBodyTag This is a base class that will help to make a development of any tag really easy
BaseAjaxTag This class does not support body content.
OptionsBuilder Helper class to assist in building options passed to JavaScript method.

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