AjaxTag Library
Tag toggle

Builds the JavaScript required to toggle an image on/off.

Tag Information
Tag Classnet.sourceforge.ajaxtags.tags.AjaxToggleTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body Contentempty
Display NameNone

updateFunctionfalsetruejava.lang.StringHandle the response from server.
varfalsetruejava.lang.StringName of the JavaScript object created.
attachTofalsetruejava.lang.String Name of the JavaScript object to which toggle will attach. You must define 'var' attribute for this to work.
baseUrltruetruejava.lang.String URL of server-side action or servlet that processes a simple command from a toggle action; responds with a single option value and label.
parametersfalsetruejava.lang.String A comma-separated list of parameters to pass to the server-side action or servlet.
sourcetruetruejava.lang.StringA unique ID for each toggle tag.
ratingstruetruejava.lang.StringComma-delimited list of rating values.
defaultRatingtruetruejava.lang.String The default rating to use from the 'ratings' list.
statetruetruejava.lang.String ID of hidden form field used to hold the current state.
onOfffalsetruejava.lang.String Whether this is a simple on/off (two-value) rating. Default: false
containerClasstruetruejava.lang.String CSS style class for the container wrapping the toggle.
messageClassfalsetruejava.lang.String CSS style class for the message displayed as you mouseover each toggle image.
selectedClasstruetruejava.lang.String CSS style class for the rating that's selected.
selectedLessClasstruetruejava.lang.String CSS style class for the rating that is less than the selected one as you mouseover.
selectedOverClasstruetruejava.lang.String CSS style class for the rating that is greater than the selected one as you mouseover.
overClasstruetruejava.lang.String CSS style class for the rating that is greater than the selected one.
preFunctionfalsetruejava.lang.String Function to execute before AJAX is started. Should return string "cancel" to cancel AJAX execution.
postFunctionfalsetruejava.lang.String Function to execute after AJAX is finished, allowing for a chain of additional functions to execute.
errorFunctionfalsetruejava.lang.String Function to execute if there is a server exception (non-200 HTTP response).
parserfalsetruejava.lang.String The response parser to implement. Default: ResponseTextParser

No Variables Defined.

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