AjaxTag Library
Tag submit

Builds the JavaScript required to submit form and retrieve response via AJAX.

Tag Information
Tag Classnet.sourceforge.ajaxtags.tags.AjaxSubmitTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body Contentempty
Display NameNone

sourcetruetruejava.lang.StringID of form tag to attach to.
targettruetruejava.lang.String ID of DIV tag or other element that will be filled with the response's HTML.
preFunctionfalsetruejava.lang.String Function to execute before AJAX is started. Should return string "cancel" to cancel AJAX execution.
postFunctionfalsetruejava.lang.String Function to execute after AJAX is finished, allowing for a chain of additional functions to execute.
errorFunctionfalsetruejava.lang.String Function to execute if there is a server exception (non-200 HTTP response).

No Variables Defined.

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