AjaxTag Library
Tag displayTag

Builds the JavaScript required to wrap a DisplayTag with AJAX capability.

Tag Information
Tag Classnet.sourceforge.ajaxtags.tags.AjaxDisplayTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

idtruetruejava.lang.String Name of ID used for enclosing DIV element written by tag.
pagelinksClassfalsetruejava.lang.String CSS class name of the DisplayTag's navigation links, often named "pagelinks" by default in DisplayTag. If empty, no pagelinks will be processed. Default: "pagelinks".
columnClassfalsetruejava.lang.String The CSS class of the TH within the THEAD of the table that should have its HREFs rewritten. If empty, no TH elements will be processed. Default: "sortable".
baseUrlfalsetruejava.lang.String URL of server-side page where DisplayTable is created. Useful in a Struts/Tiles environment where several JSPs are combined in a response and you need just the single JSP for the DisplayTable.
preFunctionfalsetruejava.lang.String Function to execute before AJAX is started. Should return string "cancel" to cancel AJAX execution.
postFunctionfalsetruejava.lang.String Function to execute after Ajax is finished, allowing for a chain of additional functions to execute.
parametersfalsetruejava.lang.String A comma-separated list of parameters to pass to the server-side action or servlet.

No Variables Defined.

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